Developer Support

AS-DevicesHEAT LiveTime provides a rich experience for developers to extend the functionality and integrate with other third party systems. We are continually adding new modules that users can download directly or from within the product itself.

On this developer site, you will find the complete SOAP API reference as well as many examples of how to communicate directly with HEAT LiveTime. There are many different ways to extend HEAT LiveTime depending upon your needs. The most obvious way is through Web Services, but there are many other layers that maybe more appropriate which involve no coding at all.

The HEAT LiveTime AMIE engine (Asset Management Integration Engine) provides a unique mechanism to connect to any third party Asset Management system. By default, HEAT LiveTime provides many built-in connectors – and we are continually adding to the list with each product release. One of the unique properties of connectors built using AMIE is that they readily adapt to schema changes on the foreign host so in most cases there is no need to change them between upgrades. Users have the ability to create their own mapping files and we provide some great examples on how to do this step by step in AMIE Part I and AMIE Part II.

If you are looking for product information rather than developer content, please visit our corporate website.