ISO 20000


ISO/IEC 20000 Compliance

LiveTime Service Manager supports industry standards such as ISO/IEC 20000 and best practices such as ITIL to help you develop a sustainable and continuous service management capability. LiveTime Service Manager enables you to demonstrate compliance in most of the mandatory ISO/IEC 20000 Service Management process areas including service level management and reporting, incident, problem, configuration and change management. LiveTime also includes support for budgeting and accounting, and release management.

Best Practice

The ISO/IEC 20000 IT Service Management standard builds on the world-wide success of ITIL and the BS 15000 standard. Unlike the ITIL framework where organizations are free to ‘adopt’ and ‘adapt’ the implementation of the guidelines, the ISO standard contains a set of strict ‘controls’ that must be implemented and audited by an external ISO/IEC 20000 Registered Certification Body before being certified. The benefits of certification include improved quality of service and increased business and customer confidence.

Foundations for the Future

ISO/IEC 20000 forms a foundation on which enterprises can build a common vocabulary and integrated processes. Integrated processes are particularly important in a multi-sourced environment, where different vocabularies and processes can result in misunderstandings, poor hand-overs and service-quality issues.

According to Gartner, “the new ISO/IEC 20000 standard is set to become a cornerstone for improving the management of external service providers.”

ISO 20000

Real Business Processes

ISO/IEC 20000 concerns itself with the processes (including the policies, documentation, roles and responsibilities) associated with service delivery and support. There are 21 individual processes contained within eight different process groups. LiveTime Service Manager assists with at least eight out of the thirteen Service Management processes, including:

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  • Service Delivery Processes – service level management, service reporting, budgeting and accounting
  • Resolution Processes – Incident and Problem Management
  • Release Processes – Release Management
  • Control Processes – Change and Configuration Management
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      Through automated IT controls and extensible workflows, LiveTime Service Manager will help align an organization’s IT services with the needs of the business and its customers. ISO/IEC 20000 improvement efforts implemented via LiveTime Service Manager can be done with the peace of mind that they have been done with ITIL and ISO 20000 as a frame of reference and baseline.