Release Notes 7.0.1

September 12th, 2012 | Posted by admin in Release Notes

Service Updates

As part of LiveTime’s continual service improvement program and commitment to quality, monthly product updates are made available to all current customers. These releases guarantee that LiveTime customers have access to the most reliable and secure production version of its service management tool. The updates are optional for customers using the virtual appliance and automatically applied to all SaaS customers. LiveTime’s service and support team will notify any organizations that are possibly affected by software bugs addressed in the latest release, and provide assistance with the upgrade process.

Upgrade procedure

Upgrades to v7 are supported from Versions 5.5.x+. Supported users of earlier versions will need to contact support to arrange an intermediate upgrade (to v6.0) prior to upgrading to v7.0.

For existing users of LiveTime v5.5.x or 6.x.x, a database upgrade will be required. Please follow these steps:

  1. Stop LiveTime
  2. Backup the current database, LiveTime.war and application banners (to reload after upgrade)
  3. Install the new version of LiveTime
    1. If using the installer:
      1. Run the uninstaller to remove the old version
      2. Run the installer and select the upgrade option
    2. If installing manually using the WAR file:
      1. Stop the servlet container and delete the old deployment folder
      2. Install the new WAR file for LiveTime v6.5
  4. Start LiveTime
  5. At Database Configuration page, enter the database details
  6. Click Test to ensure the database connection is correct
  7. Click Advanced
  8. Click Upgrade, followed by the next Upgrade button
  9. Once the migration is complete click Save
  10. When the upgrade is complete, the login page is displayed.

September 12, 2012


  • Escalating the process of a request will now clear the custom field data
  • Tidied up the transient emails regarding non-existent SLA breaches due to status change lag
  • Restored the propose solution button for service requests
  • Link outage option will no longer be shown when no outages are pending for an item
  • Editing an outage within 5 minutes of the scheduled start time will display a meaningful message
  • Sorting corrected on notes list to allow for correct sequencing of notes entered in the same minute
  • Can cancel out of customer creation when creating a new request
  • Audit trails will now include the attachments that were sent along with the note
  • The Item Audit trail option in the history tab now allows pdf exports to be triggered
  • Incident Service Request process conversion is now functional
  • The correct line manager will be displayed when escalating requests for approval to senior line managers
  • Formatting of content entered in the widget during request creation will be conserved
  • Status changes will no longer toggle the assigned technician (if that technician is a valid selection)
  • Request Dashboard data for partner users has been restricted
  • Required custom fields will once again not block requests from being created
  • Print View of requests is now resizable

Service Levels

  • Fine tuning to allow for blackout windows in a more efficient manner
  • Tidied up the transient emails regarding non-existent SLA breaches due to status change lag
  • Corrected rounding of Due Date presentation to users

Web Services

  • Various web services were not handling data type conversions correctly as a result of major rework in v7.0.0, which has been corrected.
  • Updating the status of a request using the Request web service will follow the same rules for determining re-assignment as the rest of the application


  • Scheduled Quick Call visibility is no longer global, and factors in CI ownership detail
  • The empty To: information will no longer be appended to notes that weren’t emailed
  • Org Unit Search now has an ‘All’ option to search both companies and departments
  • List header rows will now scale better with the content of the list
  • Deleting filters which are in use by a user will no longer render the list to which the filter applied unusable
  • Partner full text search handling has been improved where they own the customer related to the content
  • Various improvements have been made to the report builder to improve the quality of the generated queries
  • The system timezone will now be correctly shown in My Account if no country or timezone is selected
  • Date Exports using checkboxes will once again span multiple pages, returning all selections
  • Day of week scheduled quick calls will be correctly processed by the event calendar
  • Deleted Escalation layers will no longer be re-activated on duplicated teams
  • The text colour in the workflow modal window has been corrected for IE8
  • Team Summary KPI report will once again work correctly

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